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What is a Booklet?

A booklet is a printed material in the shape of a magazine that is widely used to disseminate information and promote products and services. At Atual Card, this product is available in different stock options, sizes and page number options, between 8 and 64.

Where to print booklets?

Atual Card is the right place to print booklets and catalogs! Here you customize the product exactly how you need it to be and according to what your client needs, counting on a 100% online purchase process and direct delivery to the chosen address with reduced prices.

How can I use a booklet or a catalog?

Thanks to the graphic customization and personalization freedom, booklets and catalogs are very versatile printed material, making it possible for it to be used in an infinity of purposes, for differents businesses, markets, to spread information or to promote products and promotions, even to promote an architecture company’s new project.