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How to make a Brochure?

To make a Brochure, besides finding an experienced printing company to produce the material, it is necessary to create the design bringing harmony between images and text. We advise you to use phrases that will make an impact on the reader, use attention-seeking images and readable fonts to get your public’s attention towards your promotional material. And to make your design creation process easier, Atual Card provides guideline templates specific for brochures. In this file, you’ll find the indications to where the cut lines, bleed lines and the safety lines and other orientations for your brochure to be printed according to our company’s standards, obtaining the best print outcomes possible!

Why print Brochures at an online printer?

At Atual Card you find convenience, practicality and safety to order your printed materials through a 100% online process, way easier and practical! If you have any questions, you can count on our customer support central prepared to assist you and provide you the best purchasing experience! Enjoy this and many other advantages to produce your brochures with Atual Card, the trade printer with the best cost-benefit in all Canada!