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Business Cards

What business card types Atual Card has available?

We are always trying to provide our clients new and creative solutions, thinking of just that, Atual Card offers a few sizes for you to print your Business Cards, the sizes available go from the traditional 2”x3.5” to more unusual sizes such as 1.7”x2”. They make it possible for you to create so many interesting and stylish cards for yourself or your clientele.

How to create personalized business cards?

Atual Card has everything you need to know to assist you in the process of creating your design following our print guidelines, so you get the most out of your printed materials. Each size of our business cards have their own specific guideline file, these files specify where the safety lines, cut lines and bleed lines are. It is always good to check if your files are following these standards to avoid mistakes in the final product.

Which business card is the best option for my company?

Depending on the style and type of services provided by your business, Atual Card has a material that fits ideally for each type of company and each client. For example, a more sophisticated client, such as a lawyer, the perfect material would be a thicker stock, like our 16PT, with a matte finish. For a younger and stylish client, like a designer or photographer, our options for mini business cards will be the perfect option to match their personality to their promotional products.