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What is a Catalogue?

A catalogue is a list of items made in the form of a magazine or booklet, mainly used to display and describe the product roster of a company or business.

How can I design a Catalogue?

The first step when creating a new designing project is to decide the size you'll have it printed, then deciding the art style, imagery and lettering you're going to be using in it. The easiest way to keep your design neatly within the limits of the print is to follow our file guidelines, available to download on the product page, that way avoiding that the information contained in the design is cut off.

How can I use my catalogues?

Due to the liberty of customizing your own catalogue, this material is a very versatile product, used in multiple market niches, from local businesses to display products, services and sales, to big companies in bigger niches such as construction companies in order to display new projects and their advantages.