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Digital Sheets
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What are Digital Sheets?

Atual Card's Digital Sheets are stock sheets printed in the latest-model digital printers. An entire imposition printed onto the sheet, without no trim or binding.

How can I use a Digital Sheet?

There are many ways to use a Digital Sheet, for example, you can print custom materials and have the additional finishes done yourself. This material is the perfect option for resellers who are looking forward to doing in-house trimming and binding.

What are the specifications for Atual Card's Digital Sheets?

We offer 12"x18" sheets in three different stock option, 80lb Gloss Text, 100lb Gloss Text and 14PT Gloss, and can be printed in three color options, 4x0, 4x1 and 4x4. Our Digital Sheets have no coating options and no finishes. This product is available in four quantities, from 50 to 500 pieces.

How should I set up my file?

You must keep in mind that your art has to be covering the whole sheet since your design will be placed as it is onto the imposition. Your design can only cover the area of 11.25"x17.25", which is the entire printed area of the sheet.