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Door Hangers
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What are Door Hangers?

A Door Hanger is a material commonly found in hotels and companies, a very practical printed material that is placed in door handles, mostly used to display warnings and information, but can also be used as a marketing tool, displaying a brands logo and info on its services.

How can I use Door Hangers?

There are many creative ways to use a Door Hanger, not only in marketing campaigns, they can also be widely used to spread awareness and information on interesting topics.

What are the specification's available for Atual Card's Door Hangers?

Atual Card offers many options for you to print your client's Door Hangers, we have three different stock options for you to choose from, those being 100lb Gloss Text, 14pt Gloss, and 16pt Gloss. We offer three color options for you to choose from, 4x0, 4x1 and 4x4 are the color options available for you to print your exclusive Door Hanger. You can opt between a few coating options, such as Matte Finish, AQ Coating, High Gloss UV Coating or No Coating. The Door Hangers are finished by the processes of trim and die cut.
The average turnaround for Atual Card's Door Hangers is 3-5 business days.