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What is a flyer?

Flyers are widely utilized to spread and promote products and services. Since you're aiming to make your message "fly", this product is printed in great quantities and normally mass distributed through areas with a big public flow. Atual Card knows how important it is to have printed materials in your marketing strategies and that's why we offer a big variety of sizes and stock options for you, the broker, to produce custom flyers ideal for each client!

How to make a flyer?

Creating a flyer is easier than it seems! Just download the templates from our website, create your design respecting the indicated guidelines (safety lines, bleed line and cut line) and send the file during the purchasing process! Then just wait for the order to arrive at the chosen address!

What are the advantages of buying flyers from Atual Card?

Atual Card has an exclusive customized customer care centre to provide you the best support, fast delivery at your address, low prices and an impeccable printing quality! Acquire now your Custom Flyers and enjoy all the advantages of being Atual Card's reseller partner!