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Matte Laminated Business Cards
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What is the difference between Matte Lamination and Matte Finish?

Atual Card offers both Matte Lamination and matte finish, and some may ask "What's the difference?" The matte finish is a layer of liquid varnish that is applied to the material and once dry attains a dulled appearance. The lamination on the other hand, as the name suggests, is an additional layer applied to the surface of the material, this transparent sheet gives the material a lusterless effect while also adding thickness, durability and a smooth texture to the business cards.

What are Matte Laminated Business Cards?

Business cards produced with matte lamination have a more professional, polished and refined look, given its thickness and high endurance due to the application of this additional layer. Its sheenless surface adds a luxurious and classy aspect to any business card design.