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Perforated Vinyl
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What is a Perforated Vinyl?

A large-seethrough adhesive that is placed in glass windows and transparent surfaces. The material is an opaque adhesive sticker that is made seethrough because of the small perforations on its surface.

Where can I use a Perforated Vinyl?

Perforated Vinyls are mostly seen in storefronts and rear windows of cars, showcasing services while still being able to see through the transparent surface. Great for displaying information and grabbing peoples attention, whether in traffic or in a shop.

Who can I sell Perforated Vinyls to?

Offer Atual Card's Perforated Vinyl to your clients, them being small shop owners, service providers, car companies, clinics and many more. Many types of businesses use Perforated Vinyls to display promotions and solutions that their businesses offer, without blocking the natural lighting that comes through the window.