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How should I design my posters?

Having a concept is the first step to creating an eye-catching design, finding the perfect balance of text and imagery can change everything when it comes to the success of a marketing campaign. When creating your posters, these thing can really make your design pop if done correctly. Always following our guidelines to achieve exactly what you want with the print.

Where can I use posters?

Posters are very versatile materials, widely used to market movies and events, they are also used in marketing campaigns for brands and products in general. Not only marketing campaigns enjoy the use of posters, many people like to decorate their houses with posters.

What is the preferable stock option to print my posters?

Atual Card offers three high quality stock options for you to choose from and print your posters, depending on where they will be exposed, a thicker stock is probably the best option, not only is it sturdier, it also has a fancy look with its thickness.