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What are Promotional products?

The most used printed materials for promoting and marketing a brand, besides business cards, are flyers, brochures, postcards and booklets. Versatile materials that will increase not only your brand’s visibility but will also increase your profits. Atual Card provides you the best cost-benefit to produce your and your client’s promotional materials quick and easy, without leaving your office.

Why buy promotional products online?

Atual Card’s purchase process is a 100% online, from choosing the desired material, making the payment, all the way until you get your order at the chosen address. Getting your promotional products online is more convenient, than having to go to a local print shop just to make an order, when you can quickly order all the print you need online with Atual Card, having the best price, turnaround and being able to check the status of your order anytime you want.

How can I use my promotional materials?

Flyers are the perfect material if your client wants to do a mass distribution to get their brand’s name out there. Postcards, just like a flyer, are great to reach a bigger public, normally being sturdier, this material is a great solutions if you’re looking to distribute via postage. Brochures and booklets are the best solutions for clients who need to put a lot of information on their promotional materials, a brochure is ideal to put information on services, product or an event. A booklet is great if your client is looking up to printing a catalog, small magazine, activity book or a manual.