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Pull Up Banners
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What are Pull Up Banners?

A Pull Up is a banner that is displayed on a retractable metal frame, easy to set up and easy to carry around after displaying it at an event or tradeshow.
Atual Card uses the best printing technology to produce the highest quality Pull Up Banners for you and your clients.

Why buy a Pull Up Banner?

Besides the fact that Pull Up Banners have a fancy look to them, they are also very easy to assemble and to disassemble. The frame consists of a metal base with springs internally, a 3-piece metal rod, a clip that goes on the superior part of the banner and a carrying bag for transporting the structure.

How do I set up the file for a Pull Up Banner?

The first thing to care about is the resolution and definition of the images you are going to be using, stretched out images will result in a poor looking product, with low-res visuals. Using Atual Card's file guidelines can also help you set your files to the exact size of the print, increasing the chances of achieving a perfect print and decreasing the chances of needing another run.