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Sample Kit
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What is in the Sample Kit?

Atual Card's sample kit contains six Postcards, two Bookmarks, one Magnet, six Flyers, one Sticker, eighteen Business Cards, five Mini Business Cards and two Mini Square Business Cards. Each piece representing the various specifications available, such as different sizes, paper stocks, coatings, finishes, and color options. Providing a more accurate view our wide range of products.

What are the advantages of buying our sample kit?

Acquiring Atual Card’s sample kit you’ll have in hands the best quality printed materials to showcase to your client and helping them to choose the best products available in the printing market, showing them the agility, quality of our paper stocks, printing and finishing all available at the web store, facilitating your business’s growth!

Who should I show my sample kits to?

The sample kit can be used with most clients from most types of businesses, since it presents most of the highly demanded graphic products. Making it possible to show them not only the products, but also the quality printing, fast delivery and great service that Atual Card can provide!