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Smart Credit
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What is Smart Credit?

Smart Credit is Atual Card's tool to make your day as a print reseller more productive by making the ordering process faster and more convenient. Your credits are stored in your account and are used in as payment when placing an order with us.

Why should I use Atual Card's Smart Credit?

Using our online credits will make the purchasing process faster because you won't need to fill out your credit card information everytime you make an order. You can instead buy your Smart Credit for the month and use it as payment for your purchases, decreasing the number of transactions you would make during the day. And you can always opt if you want to pay with your credits or use another payment method while in the checkout area.

Are there any other advantages for using Smart Credit?

Of Course! Some of the available amounts come with a bonus, so you will not only be getting the chosen amount but also an extra cash to spend in your orders!