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Why buy custom stickers with Atual Card?

Stickers are materials that require a special very care while being produced, specially while being cut, in order for the result be as impeccable as it can be. Atual Card works with the latest printing technology available and professionally trained staff according to norms and specific technics to guarantee production quality for Custom Stickers. Besides that, here you find special prices and shorter turnarounds, to facilitate your day-to-day as a print broker and reseller.

How to make custom stickers?

The printing of stickers follows the same purchase process and file submission through Atual Card’s website. This step has to be done by following the guidelines available in the templates, which are available to download on each product page you’re looking to acquire.

What are the sizes available for stickers?

At Atual Card Canada, you’ll find a series of sizes to produce your Custom Stickers! In total, there are 13 sizes available with different measurements for you to choose from and design your stickers.