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What is the main use for a custom Hang Tag?

Hang Tags are widely used in products such as clothing and accessories, but they are also used in many other products in the retail industry. Being it to display pricing or to put your branding everywhere, tags are the way to go when thinking of branding your products.

What tag size would be the ideal for me?

Choosing the perfect size for a hang tag can be difficult, it depends a lot on the product you?re going to use it in, for example, if you?re going to use it to market your brand on a piece of clothing, you could easily go for a bigger measurement and put more info in it.

What type of information should I put in my hang tag?

The primary instinct we designing clothing hang tags is to put the brand?s logo, after that some people get stuck thinking ?What else could I put here??, when you have space available, putting info and FAQs about the product can be a nice idea, catching the attention of the client.