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Terms of Use


    Atual Card Canada guarantees utter quality in all processes of its responsibility, from the purchasing system to the production of the printed products and delivery to its recipient, once the criteria presented in this term are followed adequately.

    Furthermore, all information related to any of the services provided by Atual Card will be described in this term, as well as the company’s and the client’s responsibilities, in which the client has to obey since the moment one chose to register on Atual Card’s website.


    The deadlines presented in this term are just forecasts, in other words, the following information is based on periods normally administrated in the company’s operations.

    Thus, there can be differences in deadlines presented to the client as the forecast and as the actual deadline.

    1. There are four variables that compose the period between the purchase and the delivery of an order.

    1.1) Payment: the production of the order can only begin once the payment is confirmed in our system.

    1.2) File quality approval: all files sent go through file checkage, done by our prepress department, who approves them to proceed with the printing process. In case any errors are found, the department responsible will be contacting the client requesting that they correct and resend the files, or requesting permission to correct the client’s file. Only after all the errors were corrected, the file will proceed to the production as intended.

    That way, it is possible that, even if the payment is confirmed, the material won’t proceed to production right away.

    1.2.1) Atual Card’s prepress department does not check the artwork and design options, the department takes responsibility to only check and report file errors that would hinder and impair the printing process.

    1.2.2) Atual Card IS NOT responsible for information errors and mistakes, such as incorrect phone number, e-mails and addresses present in the client’s design.


    While sending files in the format PDF/X-1a and approving the submission of these said files through the Preflight system (selecting the option “I Agree with the production of the material according to the preview.” during the process of file submission), there will be no file quality approval done by the Prepress department, therefore, the files will be sent to the production phase directly after the payment confirmation, that being if the order is placed before the informed cutoff time. If the payment is confirmed after the said cutoff time, the order will proceed to production only on the next business day.

    1.3) Production: After the payment confirmation and file approval, the order will enter the production status. The turnaround can change according to the product acquired. For more information on turnarounds, please check the topic “Turnaround” present on this term.

    1.4) Delivery: the estimated delivery may vary depending on the transport mode chosen in the purchasing process.


    1. Orders in which the payment was made between Monday and Friday after the cutoff time, the turnaround starts as of the next business day, only if the files submitted are approved by the Prepress department or if the files submitted were in PDF/X-1a format with the client’s authorization to print through the Preflight system. On the other hand, orders in which the payment is confirmed days after the order is placed, the production will start only after the confirmation, following the standard processes of file quality approval or if Preflight if the file submitted is in the format PDF/X-1a, to only then go to production.
    2. Normally payments with either credit card or PayPal are processed immediately. If your payment doesn’t go through, please contact your cardholder and our customer service to solve the issue.
    3. In cases related to refund or credits release to the client after the management’s approval, the period of analysis from the finance department is from 3 to 5 business days.


    1. The turnaround time of each product available on the website is specified on the page related to the item obtained, described in the “Product details” and also on the “My orders” page.
    2. For orders with more than one item, the turnaround will be estimated according to the turnaround of the product with the longest production time. Therefore, if there is urgency for a specific material, we advise the customer to order the item separately from the remaining items that may require a longer turnaround, in order to meet the final client’s deadline.
    3. In case of unexpected events with the production, Atual Card reserves the right to decide whether the order will be dismembered or not, in order to not compromise the delivery of the remaining items from the same order.
    4. To each additional finish acquired, there will be added 1 business day to the turnaround.
    5. The turnaround can be recalculated in the following cases:
    • Pendency regarding the purchase process
    • Submission of files with problems
    • Unexpected problems with the production, noticed by the quality control department.


    1. The order’s delivery forecast can vary depending on the region where its due to be delivered. Regardless, independently of the chosen shipping option, while selecting it, during the purchasing process, the estimated delivery of the materials will be displayed.
    2. To monitor the delivery status, the client must select the desired order in the “My Orders” page.
    3. Atual Card does not take responsibility regarding problems, damages, losses or delays during transport when using a third-party company/service.


    1. In case the client determines that there is a problem with the material, regarding the printing quality and such, the client must contact Atual Card (through telephone, message via website or Atual Card Canada’s Facebook) requesting that the process of contestation be initiated. The client has the period of 15 days, from the delivery date, to request the contestation. Once started, there will be an analysis to determinate whether there was a flaw in the production.

    The client can follow up on the process by accessing “My Orders” on Atual Card’s website. Once the contestation is opened, the client has the period of 7 days to access the problematic order and describe the situation in the indicated area and attach one or more pictures, with at least 15 pieces of the problematic material, in order for it to be analyzed.

    1. After the information is attached, Atual Card has the period of 3 business days to analyze the case and contact the client.
    2. There can be requested more pictures or even a short video to assist in a better analysis. In these occasions, the client will be contacted through the telephone or a message through the website.
    3. In case the problem cannot be analyzed through photographs – like a problem of incorrect stock, for example -, it will be necessary that the client returns the material (only the problematic item, not the whole order). In this case, the shipping and handling of the returned material fall on Atual Card‘s responsibility.
    4. In case the client doesn’t return the calls/messages or doesn’t obey the periods determined for each step in the period of 7 days straight, the contestation process will be expired automatically.
    5. It is necessary that the client keep the material until the end of the process.
    6. If by the end of this process, an error is recognized, for the refund to be granted, the client must return the entire product in question.


    1. The act of cancelling an order, an item or multiple items, can be done by the client themselves through the website (accessing the page “My Orders” and then choosing the desired order), only if the status is still not in production. It’s also possible to request that an order is cancelled through the other contact channels, such as telephone and messaging systems.
    2. It is not possible to cancel an order/item if it is already in production.
    3. For orders/items cancelled before it starts the production process, it will be refunded the value referred to the total price paid for the order/item, including shipping costs, when/if there is the payment of this fee.
    4. Regarding refunds, there are two options, available for the client to choose from, for the value to be refunded: on the credit card or in-store credits.
    5. The period for the refund to be made can vary depending on the cardholder.


    1. Atual Card reserves the right to reproduce materials, whenever the Quality Control department notices any error or problem that can compromise the quality of the material in question. In this case, the production will be restarted.
    2. when started the reproduction of an item, the order’s status displayed on the website will be “Reproduction”.
    3. In case of divergence notice by the client when receiving the material, they must contact Atual Card through the contact channels, requesting the beginning of a contestation process. For more information on that matter, please see the terms 13 to 19.


    Are part of the client’s responsibility:

    1. Download the template/guidelines related to each product they want to order, respecting the guideline instructions during the art creation process.

    Attention: Before sending your file(s) remember to erase the guidelines from the finished art file, to avoid overprint with the guideline information on the final product.

    1. Sending files that follow Atual Card‘s file guidelines. These guidelines consist of: the colour mode always being CMYK, outlines, images, bitmaps, textures all in CMYK, fonts converted into curve/outlines, adequate treatment of effects and lenses, avoid the use of “registration black” and any other criteria specified in the company’s instructions.


    1. Quantity inconsistency: Variation and inconsistencies can occur when it comes to the delivered quantity. If the variation is around 10%, for example, if the client orders 1.000 business cards and receives around 900 or 1.100 pieces, that number is inside the company’s inconsistency margin. Therefore, Atual Card exempts itself from any responsibility regarding that matter.
    2. Color Fidelity: Atual Card‘s printing process does not have colour proofing available to the client. Therefore, the colour can vary from printer to printer, making it impossible to guarantee the colour fidelity between different batches and/or between us and other companies.
    3. Cut Variation: Every printed material can have a small variation in the cutting process, normally a few millimetres. Although, it is possible to reduce this situation by following the guidelines, observing the safety line, cut line and bleed line, to avoid unwanted results.
    4. Whenever there is a problem with the submitted files, the prepress department will be contacting the client through a call, email or message, in order for the corrections to be made and the file resent.

    Except when the submitted file is a PDF/X-1a, which means submitting the file through the preflight system, in those cases, the file will not pass through the file checkage process and will be submitted directly to the production.

    33.1. Atual Card IS NOT responsible for information errors and mistakes, such as incorrect phone number, e-mails and addresses present in the client’s design.

    33.2. For files submitted through preflight, Atual Card IS NOT responsible for information errors nor file problems, such as file guidelines, art dimensions and other problems regarding the client’s design. Production errors stemming from these circumstances won’t be accepted as a matter for reprinting.

    1. If the client makes a complaint, Atual Card reserves the period of 3 business days to contact and reply to the client.
    2. The prices applied by Atual Card are available for consultation on the website, and also in the form of Price Lists, available to download in .xls and .txt formats.
    3. Changes to the pricing can occur without any previous notification, due to the fact that we cannot predict sudden changes in the cost of production and such.
    4. The issuing of an invoice can only be made in name of the owner of the account or in name of the company, making it prohibited to issue an invoice in name of a third party.
    5. It is on Atual Card‘s behalf to guarantee and assure the quality of exclusively the processes regarding printing, coating, and finishings done in their own printing plant.

    However, in cases where the client decides to make changes to the acquired product afterward (additional finish or reprinting, for example), the client themselves become totally responsible for the quality of the product.

    At Atual Card’s website – specifically on the instructions page – are displayed a series of information regarding a multitude of subjects involving all steps of purchase, from creating your artwork, choosing the perfect product, sending the files, all the way until you receive the acquired products, in order to avoid problems and to provide the clients a satisfactory service more and more.

    If you have any questions or doubts that were not clarified or answered in this page or in the instructions available on the website, we advise you to contact Atual Card Canada‘s Customer Service to seek assistance.