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Tray Liners
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What are Tray Liners?

Tray Liners are widely used in fast food chains, pubs and restaurants. The product, which can be customed with the brand’s logo, imagery, text and other information about the business, are laid on top of plastic trays and tables to serve meals.

How do I customize my tray liners?

Before starting the graphic design of your tray liner, download the product's guidelines available on our website. In the product's design, you can put information and suggestions on meals, desserts, promotional offers or display elements of your branding, such as your logo, slogan, identity and imagery. To cater to an younger audience utilizing characters, games and activities can be a great idea.

What are the advantages of buying tray liners with an online printer?

Producing tray liners with Atual Card, you count on short turnarounds and fast delivery, besides having the best prices in the graphic market. Still not our client? Register now for free, become partner’s with the best online trade printer in Canada and start enjoying the benefits of being Atual Card’s client!


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