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Velvet Laminated Business Cards
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Why choose Velvet Laminated Business Cards?

The velvet lamination used here at Atual Card is a strong protective layer that enhances not only the endurance of the cards but also the overall look, achieving an elegant and scratch-resistant surface.

What is the difference between matte finish and Velvet Lamination?

Although both achieve a matte look by the end of each process, the application of each coating option is very different. The Matte Finish is a layer of polish that once dried down achieves a lusterless appearance. While the Velvet Lamination, like the matte lamination, is the application of a seethrough sheet that adheres to the material, giving it a muted look and making it thicker and damage resistant.
Atual Card's Velvet Laminated Business Cards are very elegant and give a professional look to any design, perfect for every businessperson.